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We found individual activity is the one factor that stimulates and produces development.” ~Maria Montessori


Our summer program is both fun and educational. The summer months bring a change of weather, schedule, pace and activities. The Seedlings, Summer program follows the same daily schedule as the one followed during the academic year with a greater emphasis on cultural studies and physical development. Our full time students, spend more time enjoying outdoor activities, music and movement, sports and arts and crafts projects. Your child will enjoy outdoor picnic, cooking projects, in-school special events, and daily water play. 

Children who join us only for summer are called “Campers”. They will explore a new and exciting topic each week. Campers enjoy lunch picnic outdoors when weather is nice. Should it rain or get too hot, they eat inside in the air conditioned environment. 

From The Amazing Race, to How Does Your Garden Grow, to Toy Making Workshop, to Let’s Build A Town (and many more) your child will have a blast!   We hope that your camper will join us for a summer filled with outdoor adventures, water play and games where they can develop new skills and interests, make new friends and continue to become more self-confident while building their talents, curiosity and creativity. We will be offering several camps like Wild Wonders of Science, Sporty Sports, and Center Stage. A healthy balance of nurturing their minds, bodies & spirits!

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