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The Seedlings Montessori School’s exemplary academic program is the result of highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff. We are a team of passionate teachers and teacherStudentGlobeCroppedprofessional administrators. The Seedlings Montessori classroom is a place for children to Discover, Learn and Grow. Our teachers act as Skilled Observer’s, Creative Facilitator’s and Character Builder’s to help children become lifelong learners. Initially the Montessori teacher carefully observes the children in her class to ascertain the developmental needs of each individual child. Then comes the task of preparing the environment and the materials in it to meet the various needs of the individual children within the group. As the children begin to make free choices and interact and discover the materials, the teacher facilitates and guides their learning. There are some small group lessons when the teacher introduces new concepts and encourages the children to ask questions, investigate and discover new ideas. 

All teachers are highly experienced in early childhood development. Our Directress(Lead teachers) have Montessori credentials from MACTE approved training centers or equivalent and bring years of Montessori experience with them. All staff members undergo thorough background checks, annual professional training, ongoing enrichment programs, first aid training and are CPR certified.

Our teachers model values such as empathy and compassion. They encourage the students to be courteous and kind. They try to bring students together in collaborative activities to foster teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and respect.

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