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shutterstock_53340589At The Seedlings Montessori School we believe that reading with children spells success for early literacy. We have thoughtfully incorporated books and reading in our everyday routine and have made our beautiful “Reading Hut”-our library a part of children’s everyday curriculum which will develop the early literacy, communication and social skills needed in future.

Children will also participate in activities that may include reading aloud, storytelling, rhymes, songs, puppet shows, arts and crafts, and reading programs.

Outdoor Environmentshutterstock_77193109

At The Seedlings Montessori the outdoor environment is an integral part of our everyday activities. The curriculum and day to day activities are designed in co-ordination with each other so that children get to observe and enjoy the outdoors. An environment designed to inspire children to connect with the wonders of nature on a daily basis; encouraging their interests and allowing them to reach their highest potential.  Children who are surrounded by nature experience benefits to their physical, social, and cognitive development. Each classroom will have access to outdoor patio and garden areas. Children will participate in maintaining and cultivating these areas. The life cycles of plants and animals are studied and observed in our Outdoor Classroom, flower and vegetable gardens.

We have created and continue to develop a nurturing outdoor space for our children.  Principles and philosophies used in designing our outdoor environment were closely aligned with Nature Explore and National Wildlife Federation.

There are specially designed green areas for hands on exploration, STEAM related experiment and other fun activities throughout our playgrounds. The areas comprise of many creative and interesting features to stimulate child’s curiosity and will be the part of their everyday outdoor activities.

The children will be taken outdoors weather permitting everyday for not just playtime but lessons in our Outdoor classroom area.

Outdoor Classroom-The Outdoor Classroom provides for hands-on experiences, physical activity, social-emotional growth through peer interaction, and multi-faceted approaches to cognitive development that connects children to nature and maximizes their learning outcomes. shutterstock_283842539

DINO-DIG- where children will find facts about fossils. They will develop love of modern nature and understand it’s formation. They will also get idea of Earth’s history and creation. It is a fun way to inspire children to learn geology and earth science.

Gardening-  offers children learning experiences that begin in the garden and stay with them the rest of their lives — resulting in improved academics, better eating habits, greater environmental stewardship, and ultimately healthier, more secure and engaged communities. The children will cultivate and grow vegetables and flowers.

Sand and water Exploration-Sand & water play encourages exploring and problem-solving.shutterstock_370227893

Music & Movement- There will be Move & Groove time for the children everyday.

Splash Pad-There will be a splash pad for children to enjoy!

Our Outdoor area is an extension of our indoor environment that gives children opportunity to conduct Sand and water- play & experiments, Gardening, Dramatic performances, Music and Movement, Art, Splash Play and explore everyday.  The children will learn about fossils and water flow. There will be butterfly experiences, space talks, puppet shows & performances, fun bike rides and messy Art exhibits.

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